"Come here I think you're beautiful..."

Hello, my name is Mandy and I live in a small Connecticut town. I was born May 27th of 1980, making me a Gemini. I work as a psychic, and with the dream that it will someday become my career, I am lovingly restoring a '71 Caddy Hearse to use as my future company car.

Most of my spare time is spent on a mad quest for love, companionship, and some degree of spiritual fufillment.

You are number in the procession...


what is it, my love, so strange your sleep, a tranquil spell too stale and deep? what are you dreaming, so still your eyes, the night is over, when shall you rise? what is it, my love, will you not wake, cannot this dreadful trance you break? are you ill, my dear, or are you weak, why is it then, that you won't speak? Awake!, my love, will you not stir, can you not this solemn sleep deter? are you sad, my dear, why don't you say, what is this evil game you play? Arise!, my love, please don't you leave, can you not this fragile death deceive? what is it that blanched your lips so pale, and ravaged your body, too slight and frail? are you cold, my love, are you alone, cannot you leave this idle stone? has death yet tainted your somber brow, or are you just as lovely now? are you frightened in your grave tonight, and is the wind your mournful cry? i cannot help you, my love, so fair, for it is the dead that hold you there.